Pocket-Tactics Test Print

Pocket-Tactics Test Print

I don’t normally play these sort of games, but the open source game Pocket-Tactics has some great looking pieces. The game is fully open source with all the ready to print files on Thingiverse, and the source files are on Tinkercad so you can always modify to pieces to work better on your printer.

I print with the buddaschnozzle hot end with a 0.35mm nozzle. The layer height was set to 0.15mm. I can’t print any lower with multiple objects without getting the little ooze icicles all over the place. It seems to be a limitation of the hot end I use. Luckily, 0.15mm layer height is about 170 layers per inch so I don’t worry about going lower.

The hardest part about printing small objects is cooling the part before the hot end melts or warps the part. There is such a small amount of material the hot end can transfer heat to several layers and start to remelt the plastic. Some of the characters have little staffs or very pointy hats. You can see that some of the tips are warped, but the diameter of these parts is about 0.4mm so its impressive the printer could do it at all.

The creator of the game, Arian Croft, has created a whole new line of figures and games which are all open source and are designed to be easy to print. Its amazing he’s done so much with the very simple Tinkercad software. I can’t wait to see what he comes with next.

Pocket-Tactics Open Source 3D Printed Game

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