Projects From the Early 2000s

Projects From the Early 2000s

I was going through an old projects from school and found a few programming projects. Here’s a few of the highlights that survived! Unfortunately some things don’t stand the test of time, such a magnetic storage devices. I no longer have the modeling program I wrote, or the game engine that paired along with it. But I do have a few things here and there. If only GitHub existed in the year 2002!


This was a project I did near the beginning of my programming days. This is 3D rendering from scratch and displayed in a console. Every program written for a school project had to have a “Header Screen” that identified the name of the person, the title of the project, and the objective.I wasn’t happy with just showing three lines of text for my programs so I created this animated 3-D cube.

The program impliments a Z order for rendering the cube with hidden surfaces as the cube rotates. All the graphics are rendered as text in a console window.

Download the source code (executables included): Visual Studio 6 | Visual Studio 2008


The auto-aiming program I created attempted to lock onto a target in a game. I took advantage of the fact that a red triangle always appeared over an enemies head. This was to let you know it was an enemy and not a friendly. Using this fact the program would screen capture a very small portion of the center of the screen and search for the triangle. Once the triangle was in sight it would attempt to automatically move your mouse to target the enemy.

The program had mild success as long as you didn’t move around too much. The targeting would work and you could kill the enemy without trying too hard.


The Hippo Modeling program was designed for my final project in an MFC class with Barbara Johnston at TVI in Albuquerque, NM, 2002. The program is thousands of lines long and utilizes OpenGL for all the rendering and MFC for the framework of the window.

The program was created so I could create models and export them in many different formats. One format I really wanted was just C++ code versions of the models so I could impliment them into other programs. The modeling program was a great success and helped me get throw many OpenGL programs in a later class. The program would also setup and render the scene with Blue Moon Rendering Tools. This would provide shading, reflections, and textures to the models and you would end up with a TIF file of the picture.

The program is fairly primitive and I don’t exactly have instructions on how to use it. It was develped in about three weeks from scratch so there may be many bugs. It also will not render anymore due to Blue Moon Rendering Tools being taking off the market.

Here’s a few images I could find showing the type of rendering the program could do. The images are pretty small. They’re are just basic shapes with minimal lighting. The Blue Moon Rendering Tools handle the shaders and the rendering, my program simply exported a scene for the tools to render.

Download and try Hippo

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